Caffe Roma French Roast ESE Coffee Pods

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  • French Roast Coffee Pods
  • 44mm ESE Pods
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Individually Wrapped (approx 7g per pod)

A wonderful coffee from Caffe Roma. A dark roast lover's dream! The unique blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans, perfectly roasted to a rich, dark roast creates a bold yet smooth cup every time.

This French Roast is a coffee with presence, with a smooth body, yet deliciously heavy.

Caffe Roma French Roast ESE Coffee Pods are a fantastic start your day, or enjoy as an after-dinner treat (in fact, enjoy this at any time of day you need a decent cuppa)

The secret to making this great tasting coffee is a patented process, roasting each bean on a hot bed of air, unlocking the rich flavours without burnt or bitter after taste.

These coffee pods are packaged in an oxygen free environment, ensuring each cup is as fresh as possible, allowing you to enjoy one smooth, delicious cup at a time !!

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100% arabica 100% Arabica
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