Puly Caff Grinder Cleaning Crystals (10 x 15g)

Puly Caff Grinder Cleaning Crystals (10 x 15g)

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  • 10 Sachets Per Box
  • 15g Cleaning Crystals Per Sachet
  • Gluten Free Crystals

Professional Coffee Grinder Cleaning Crystals. Imported directly from Italy and specially designed to quickly and efficiently clean your coffee equipment.

Easy to use, simply run the cleaning crystals through your grinder in place of coffee beans to prolong the life of your equipment. Removes build up from the grinder blades. There is no need to change the grinder settings.

Please refer to your manufacturer guidelines prior to use.

Directions For Use:

  • In Semi-automatic Coffee Machines + Built-in Grinder:
  1. Empty the coffee beans from the grinder
  2. Pour one dose of Puly grind crystals
  3. Run the crystals through
  4. Fill up again with coffee beans
  5. Without changing the setting operate and discard one cuppa
  6. Operate again and discard
  7. Operate as usual. Repeat if necessary. Any residues of Puly Grind Crystals do not change the aroma and/or the cream of espresso and are not dangerous for celiacs and diabetics.


  • For Coffee Shop Professional Grinders:
  1. Close the slide of the coffee beans container
  2. Operate until the coffee grinder is completely empty
  3. If necessary, empty the coffee grinder
  4. Remove the coffee container
  5. Pour 1 or 2 sachets of Puly Grind Crystals directly over the burrs
  6. Replace the coffee beans container
  7. Turn on the coffee grinder and let Puly Grind Crystals pass through
  8. Open the slide of the coffee beans container and grind one dose of coffee and discard (if present discard any substance of the dozer).

Note: Please keep out of the reach of children

Puly Caff Grinder Cleaning Crystals are the perfect cleaning supply for all professional baristas. Using Puly Caff Grinder Cleaning Crystals will keep your grinder pristine and prolong it's life by breaking down build up. Puly Caff Grinder Cleaning Crystals are also a great choice for hotels cafes and restaurants.

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