Bialetti Moka Express (9 Cup)

Bialetti Moka Express (9 Cup)

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  • 9 Espresso Cup Moka Express
  • Original Aluminium Design
  • Stovetop Espresso Maker
  • Suitable for use on ceramic, electric and gas hobs

This Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker is based on the original design of the classic stove-top espresso pot that was launched in 1933.

Made from aluminium, the elegant 9 cup espresso maker is a design icon from the golden age of Art Deco and is decorated with the group’s classic Little Man With a Moustache trademark, which was created in the 1950s by Paul Campani.

Suitable for use on ceramic, electric and gas hobs.

The Moka Express is the original aluminium stove-top percolator. All pressure valves are fitted with stainless steel springs and ball bearings to ensure long trouble-free service.

The Bialetti Moka Express Stove-top perculator is a fantastic product for making great tasting Italian coffee in the home. Bialetti is a best selling brand and is widely trusted throughout Italy and the world so you know the Bialetti Moka Express Stove-top perculator is quality assured. There is no more traditional and authentic way of making delicious coffee in the home than the Bialetti Moka Express Stove-top perculator.



  • Fill the base with cold water to the guideline mark
  • Insert the funnel and fill with your favourite coffee
  • Screw the two halves of the Moka Express together
  • Place pot over a low heat
  • The coffee will percolate into the top chamber
  • Once complete, remove from the heat and serve


  • Don't use too finely ground coffee
  • Wash only with water
  • Avoid using steel wool and abrasive materials to clean


  • Never use without water
  • Do not use with chocolate or cinnamon powder etc
  • Wait until the pot cools before opening

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