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Tetley Tag and Envelope Tea Bags (250)

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  • 250 Tetley Tea Bags
  • One Cup Catering Tea Bags
  • String & Tagged Tea Bags
  • Individually Enveloped Tea
  • Pack weight: 500g

The perfect catering tea bags from Tetley. Each catering pack contains 250 Tetley tea bags. Each tea bag is individually enveloped with string and tag.

Comes with handy dispensing box.

Tetley dedicate their time to source, develop, blend, taste (the fun bit!) and selling the most fantastic range of teas. Tea is brilliant, it refreshes and restores millions of people every day all around the world.

Brewing Tetley Tea:

  1. Use fresh boiling water (at least 95C) so that the tea brews and lets out maximum flavour
  2. We recommend 3-4mins brew time for the perfect cuppa
  3. Enjoy and smile :)

Store in a cool dry place.

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